Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Birthday Surprises

March is my birthday month, this year I was hoping to let this one slip quietly by. But my husband(Mr. Romantic), children and friends had other ideas. The ten days of birthday surprises began March 5th, the night of our "glitzy pixie" workshop at Refind. Pat and the ladies surprised me with a cake from Jonnie Gabriel(Paula Dean's cousin) Desserts. It was a luscious white cake with strawberry flavored icing. Yummmmy! Then they showered me with gifts. All so wonderful!!!!!!!

Thanks so much ladies!!!!

How did they know? They said a little birdie told them. I think the birdie's name is Jennifer
Little did I know there was much white lie telling, coniving, and hiding going on that week. What was supposed to be a simple early celebration dinner with my husband and neighbors, Saturday evening turned into a big surprise party with friends, family, gifts, and cake. One of the highlights of the party was a wonderful, embarssing, and touching biographical video of the days of my life, that my daughters cooked up. Thanks girls! Boy did they pull one over on me. I was totally clueless, but totally blessed! Everyone shared a favorite memory and an encouraging word for my scrapbook. What made the evening even more special was the presence of my friend Pat Mallory (aka kindred spirit).

A closer look. Vintage junque, and not so vintage blue box!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then there was Thursday(the actual birth date) night family dinner, and a rerun of the infamous biographical video.

Before the crack of dawn Friday morning my daughter Jennifer and I hit the road bound for sunny Florida, starting our whirlwind spring break!!!!!!! We arrived before noon, due to light traffic of course, in Tarpon Springs for a visit with my mom and lunch at our favorite greek restaurant and another viewing of the IBV. Saturday we traveled further south to visit my Fla. BFF, Kelly. Guess what she had waiting for me. More B-day goodies and cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our plan for the day was to travel yet further south to Venice in search of the Cat's Meow (more to follow in a later blog), a shop that was featured in the January issue of Romantic Home magazine, and then visit other favorite shops in Sarasota!

After we found the shop and finally pulled ourselves away, I should have been suspicious when Kelley drove 30 mph up the highway to Sarasota. But did I comment on that fact? Let's just say I'm not a back seat driver. Then she missed the turn to the our, oh so familiar, spot uhmmmnn?????? You guessed it another surprise! High tea at the Ritz Carlton, complete with scones, dainty tea sandwhiches, tartes, the harpist playing "Happy Birthday", and another candle to blow out.!!!!!! OMG

Thanks everyone for making this the best birthday ever!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello All.
I just thought I would share some more photos of our
workshops! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Work Shop

We wanted to share with everyone the photographs of our March workshop. Everyone had an incredible time. Keep an eye out for our next workshop at the beginning of April.

Here are the photographs enjoy!

The Finished Product!

Great Job Ladies!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Packaging makes a big difference in a project. It's great fun to open a pretty package. Almost as fun as Christmas!

The more details, the prettier the package. I (Gerri) added a zigag stitch in red to the handle of the book bag that would contain the altered book back with vintage bottle.

Serre livres means book ends in French. That's almost the same as book backs. Oh well; it sounds pretty anyway. Another little detail.

Voila, A pretty book bag that holds all the pieces necessary to make a wonderful altered work of art!

A little peek inside.

a hr

We like to have an emblem of gratitude on the kit to say thank you for taking part in a great evening of fun, fellowship, and creation. Not a minor detail.

Merci Ya'll

Getting Ready For the Workshop

We have been busy ,busy getting ready for an upcoming workshop. Here are some pics of the process.

There are many bits and pieces that go into a project!