Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some where many hats...

and some where many crowns. As women we have many roles in life, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, counselor, nurse, provider, cook, chauffeur, well you get the picture. :) The list could go on and on. Fitting time in to be creative can be a fete in itself. So lets put our crowns on and celebrate that we get to take part in the dance of a full life and we all get a turn at being the bella the ball......
The side view...
A peek at the back!
I love the little smirk on her face... I wonder what she is thinking uhmmmm.
You'll see more of this cross later :)
Some itty bitty crowns...Last but not least
And my wish for you is that your days be crowned with His loving kindness!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A winner !!!!!!!

Before our trip to Savannah I had the honor of winning one the 100th post give aways from Sharon of SharDon Exclusives.

I was soooooo excited and shared the good news with anyone who would listen. I was hoping it would arrive in the mail before we left for our trip to Savannah. Because, you see I am worse than a child when it comes to waiting to open presents or finding out secrets. I would have been antsy our whole trip wondering about it! :)

And what do you know it did come!!!!!! The lovely Lady in Red Victorian Box.
This is what wonderful Sharon placed inside for me :) I am so using that book mark!

Just look at the bits and bobs I filled it with!!!

Thank you Sharon for bringing such sweet joy to my life with your generous gift! It will have a nice home in our studio, where I get to enjoy it every day!!!

Stars on Tybee

Word has it that numerous Hollywood stars have been sited recently in Savannah and on Tybee Island. We sited a few ourselves as we strolled the beach at Tybee. However, the only stars we saw were of the fish variety.

So many starfish stranded on the beach at low tide. We did our part throwing several back into the water. It was wonderful to walk the shore, get our feet wet...

pick up shells, smell the salt air, and marvel at the beauty of it all!

We got as close to the lighthouse as we could, but saved the trip to the top for next time....

Monday, June 22, 2009


Mr. Romantic and I took a trip to Savannah to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We had a great time

The first thing we did was take a trolley tour of the town. The tour guide informed us about the history of the city; cracking jokes the whole way.

A monuement to Oglethorpe the founder of the Ga colony!

The oldest oak tree in Georgia.
The church spire where the feather floated down from in the film Forest Gump.
One of the lovely houses of Savannah!!!

A quaint cafe that was in another film in which Julia Roberts starred in.
The Pirate House was the inspiratation for Robert Louis Stevenson's classic Treasure Island.

Paula Dean's famous restaurant, Ladyand Sons. Hey ya'll!!!
The trolley ride was great, but I couldn't wait to get to a couple of shops I had heard so much about.

The city was wonderful! The next day we went to Tybee Island- more later.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hydrangea Festival

We were invited to be apart of the Hydrangea Festival in Douglasville , Ga. by Suzanne Huff. She is a wonderfully talented artist, who happens to be on the planning committee of the festival, and takes part regularly in our workshops at Refind. Hope and I knew we could not pass up such a great opportunity. We were busy bees for several weeks. All the work was soooo worth it. We had a great time and sold lots of jewelry and other goodies! Here are some pics. (Especially for you Dear Jane)

There's that fleur de lapin again. Oh, and some of our vitage junque jewelry and charms. I just love dress forms!!!!!!

Here I am minding the booth, and trying to keep everything from blowing away.
The day started out cloudy and very windy, but ended beautifully with sunshine and blue skies with puffy white clouds. I can't believe that table cloth was crooked the whole time. OMG.
Mr. Romantic made this very chic bird cage. No takers though. :(
Pretty Paris tee and more charms and junque jewlry! Ooh la la

Crown pillows.
Basket of cones and party favor cups, along with some collage canvases.

Mr. Romantic helped us set up and tear down our space and stayed the whole day, not to mention getting lunch and keeping us supplied with drinks. It was a true family affair. Does life get any better?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Altered Cigar Boxes

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of our June workshop project. We made altered cigar boxes. Hassie, one of the sweet ladies in our art group, had some cigar boxes stored away in her private stash and graciously made them available for us to use. They all turned out great!!!! The ladies' individuality and personal creativity really shone!!!!!!

We used Cavallni paper. It has a great feel to it and so covered the boxes nicely.

Thanks ladies for another wonderful night of creativity and fellowship!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovely Distraction

I should be getting ready for the upcoming workshop and art festival we will be in this week. I have a multitude of little details to finish in order to assemble the kits. Instead I keep getting distracted by intriguing little experiments. Cutting,stamping, and aging metal. Also, using Omni Gel for the first time to make a transparency.

I used a charming old photo of my mother!!!!!!

It was taken when she was fifteen. The look in her eyes is quite mysterious and alluring. If only she could have seen what lay ahead in her future. She married a handsome man, had three children, after the second was born her husband was stricken with heart trouble. She would be the bread winner for the family, homemaker, and the glue that held everything together. Mom was widowed at 41 and struggled to keep three teenagers on the right track, all while she dealt with her own grief. She found love again, alas only to have ten happy years with her second husband. As the years have passed she's always been there for us. My mother, my hero!!

Oh! Back to the experiment. What do you think?

Monday, June 1, 2009

100th Post Give Away!

Shardon Exclusives is having a One Year Old and 100th Post Give Away!!!!
Visit her blog and enter to win some yummy prizes!!!!!!!!

Happy June!!!!!!