Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping Spree!

After getting my taxes done last, I went shopping. Figured I deserved to treat myself a little after such a disagreeble task. The yarn store always puts me in a good mood. To my surprise a Fresh Market store opened in the same retail center. Whoo hoo, the day instantly improved. Some of my purchases~ Lorina sparkling lemonade, daffodils, and a yummy, lemon~coconut cupcake.
Taxes forgotten, the warm, spring day's highlight was the delightful repast enjoyed in the sunroom with my feet up

That cupcake was better than it looks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Shower Part II Intro

Thanks Hope for creating this amazing video!

The Shower Part II

The first guests arrive: left to right~ (partially pictured) Chandra, Kris ( soon to be mother in love), Julie, Kelley, and those feet are Aundi ( bridesmaid) Ohhh... the lovely lady in the mirror is Jennifer!


We played one ice breaker game then made button rings....
They also served well as the party favor!

Ring choices.....Hmmmmmn

Putting them together.... I think everyone enjoyed themselves! You do see a guy! That is Jordan, Joy's man of honor. He will be standing up for her with the bride's maids and matorn.
He was a great sport!

Choices, choices... soooo many buttons.

Some results! Everyone did a great job creating their ring and all left the shower with a unique memento!

Jordan's masculine take.

Opening gifts.... Yay!

Herbs for the kitchen from mom in love, Kris...

Sweet handmade love birds from Chandra...
There were many more gifts, of course, all greatly appreciated!

Next the big "I do"!

To see more of Joy's wedding preparations visit her blog, whimsy wedding bliss.
Find her link on our blog roll!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Violets, one for each year iv'e been blessed with...

life on this beautiful earth!

We choose the manner of living we conduct ourselves in.

I choose to live creatively, thankfully, and joyfully!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The first grape hyacinths of spring! Three tiny blooms with a promise of more to come...

Sort of like this post after a while of not having internet access. There will be more posts to come from me! My wonderful children gifted me with a new lap top computer for my birthday and in an attempt to solve our internet connection problems I unknowingly updated to a wireless modem. Sooooo I am in techy heaven!
Blissfully yours, Gerri

Monday, March 7, 2011


those yellow buttons? The ones I hand dyed. I used them to make invitations for my daughter Joy's bridal shower. Buttons will play a considerable part in her wedding theme. Soooo we decided to extend that theme to the shower as well! See if you can guess the two main colors of the wedding.

I designed the invite, Hope brought the vision to reality with her graphic art skills; then i embellished to my hearts content.

The vintagesque button card invitations followed the vintage theme of Joy's vision for her wedding.... then came the shower

vintage table cloth, napkins, and vases on the table...
Lovely vintage dress Joy is wearing!
Cupcakes and button sugar cookies; all yummy!

My mother made the cupcakes. Lemon cake filled with lemon curd with cream cheese incing or whipped vanilla cream icing. We made sweet fondant buttons for them to wear!

Daffodils in vintage milk glass vases.

The quintessential party planner diva put the forks in the cocktail purse. Totally love it!

Three generations of women in our family came together to make and celebrate this special event!
lft. to rt~ Mary Lou (my mother), Jennifer, Hope, Joy,(my daughters) and moi~

The bride....

Visit again for the bridal shower part II.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The next "it" thing...

according to the quintessintial party planning diva is...

an elegant dessert fit for those special occasions of life, which threatens the popularity of the cupcake. Actually my Fla. BFF, Kelley, brought these delightful confections all the way from a french bakery on St. Armands Circle in Sarasota, FL to moi.

And being a lover of all things French they were tres magnifique!!!!

XOXO Kelley !!!!