Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shopping Spree!

After getting my taxes done last, I went shopping. Figured I deserved to treat myself a little after such a disagreeble task. The yarn store always puts me in a good mood. To my surprise a Fresh Market store opened in the same retail center. Whoo hoo, the day instantly improved. Some of my purchases~ Lorina sparkling lemonade, daffodils, and a yummy, lemon~coconut cupcake.
Taxes forgotten, the warm, spring day's highlight was the delightful repast enjoyed in the sunroom with my feet up

That cupcake was better than it looks!


Jennifer said...

OMG looks amazing!! Happy Spring :D

dear jane said...

Yummy!!! Wish I was there to have some goodies with you... daffodils will always remind me of you! :D