Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dishing up Some Vintage Goodness...

from the Nicholas Kniel Store in Atlanta, Ga. This is an odd assortment of frippery that I picked up from this amazing store last Saturday. Millinery flowers, silver boullion, dresden will all be used is some project or another!

Or they can sit in a silver vase in the studio until inspiration strikes... spring is coming, after all.

but, first February will arrive, bringing Valentines Day with it. These little posies will make a fine offering don't you think?

Adieu, mes amis!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Hands Full....

of buttons! Vintage buttons that have been dyed yellow by moi! What shall become of them? For now, they will rest in a jar...waiting to be used in a special project.


Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year A New Season

Sending you a belated Happy New Year wish! Much has been going on in the realm of the glitzy pixies, eventhough we have not posted as dilegently as we should... Gerri has been hard at work on the home front shabby chicing her home. Hope has been hard at work bringing photography bliss to many a bride and groom.

New Seasons: Alas, due to the practicality of earning a living I (Gerri) have had to work more hours away from home and studio and have not been able to create or develop workshops. Actually we have come to the sad conclusion, that we will have to postpone the workshops for a time... hopefully not to long.
But do not despair we will be offering some little whimsies on our etsy store and promise to let you know what we are up to, dear blog friends.