Friday, June 26, 2009

Stars on Tybee

Word has it that numerous Hollywood stars have been sited recently in Savannah and on Tybee Island. We sited a few ourselves as we strolled the beach at Tybee. However, the only stars we saw were of the fish variety.

So many starfish stranded on the beach at low tide. We did our part throwing several back into the water. It was wonderful to walk the shore, get our feet wet...

pick up shells, smell the salt air, and marvel at the beauty of it all!

We got as close to the lighthouse as we could, but saved the trip to the top for next time....


Anonymous said...

Ooooo looks like Heaven~~I LOVE the Beach! Splendid starfish:)~~
Hugs, Lynn

vintagesue said...

i lived near tybee years ago and i don't ever remember seeing those poor, stranded starfish. i remember seeing tons of horseshoe crabs though.
i love your blog. just found it by accident. i will come back and visit soon. thanks for the inspiration.