Tuesday, February 24, 2009


They say the creative process is borne along on the wings of inspiration. Last week as I (Gerri) was designing a project for an upcoming workshop I felt like my wings of inspiration had suddenly been clipped. Thud! I was stuck; nothing worked right. It was time to walk away; take a break and feed the soul. Where does inspiration come from exactly? For me it's taking time to immerse myself in a favorite magazine or visit my favorite antique shop.

It can also come from the gentle comment of a friend, "that would be pretty if...", or simply the view from my kitchen window. Happily, the creative process has taken flight again. Who knows what may come of it?


charles said...

Last time I looked out your window it was snowing...So beautiful!!!Very inspiring... What a great weekend... Your BFF...Kelley

charles said...

Just to let you know I'm Charles...Funny stuff...I go under my e-mail account and it comes up Charlie...go figure...Love AKA Kelley:)