Thursday, February 4, 2010

I felt it...

is the answer to the question- what do I do when I can't find a good quality felt for a project. Umm hmmm... Neccessity is the mother of invention!

Take 100% wool yarn, then knit to desired size. Throw it in the wash and then ~

Voila~ felt
And what is the felt for, you may ask. A romantic cuff! Our latest workshop project.

Check out these beauties-from the "Wearing our hearts on our sleeves" workshop. All the ladies did a great job.

The hearts are made of paper clay, then stamped and painted, then embellished with the saying "eternal devotion". One of the attendees made the observation that it's amazing how different each person's project turns out even when using the same supplies. It's wonderful how we are all unique with our own creative vision.

As always we had a great time!


sassytrash said...

That's a very cute project! I know that was fun to make! (I buy sweaters from thrift stores that are wool, and felt them, since I don't knit anymore)

Hopemore Studio said...

OK I had no idea that was how you made wool felt, fantastic! The cuffs are beautiful, very nice project.


sassytrash said...

Hi Gerri, I do remember now you said you lived in Sarasota. Do you go to FL often? It would be nice to be there now! Thanks for your inquiry about the wire hanger--I will have some of them at the show. We are making lots of garden-y stuff, and it makes us feel better, since it so miserable outside. I truly love everything you create!