Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat's Meow!!!!!!!

Earlier this summer my Fl BFF , Kelley, and I went to Ellenton to visit the Holt's in thier new location. What a treat! Mark and Susie were as gracious as ever. Kelley and I lingered so long that they offered us a cup of afternoon coffee, served in china cups. We sooooo enjoyed our visit and came away with wonderful treasures.

Entre vous..

This is the front room, that Susie has filled with slipcovered furniture. I love the way she fills the windows with lace. sorry its so dark. Hmmmm, I wonder what's up there? Later...
Wouldn't you just love to have this dining room. I neeeeeeed that angel !
A closer look. Wonderful Magnolia Pearl garments were displayed throughout the store. Wish I may...... Getting your beauty rest takes on a whole new meaning in this bedroom. The linens were so yummy!!!! A view of the upstairs kitchen area, with more lace, china, and furniture!!!! View of the table from up stairs. Those slipcovers are made from a cotton gauze material that has such an ethreal quality the camera can not do it justice. This super chippy door was beautiful, but of course, it was sold. Oh! The owner of that bumm shall remain nameless. lol

Another window full of lace; I just loved the doll. But it was NFS, Susie knows a treasure when she see's it. Wouldn't it be nice to ride home on this bike... Meet you later Kelley!!

Thanks Mark and Susie for a delightfilled afternoon!!!!!!

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mstrhnd316 said...

My darling Gerri...What a wonderful afternoon I will always remember...Soooo funny about the coffee right! Not sure how far I'll get on the bike...kinda far to my house... Sooooo I'll drive the car...Ha:) Love your FL BFF dear jane...