Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Secret Anniversaries...

of the heart," is what Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called the quiet rituals of everyday life; the personal ceremonies we keep to celebrate the passing of time, or the changing of seasons. They "lend poetry to our days and meaning to our lives." They pay homage to the goodness of "every dayness."

One of the "secret anniversaries" that I keep, a "little holiday...apart", is having tea in the afternoon. (when I can) With the arrival of each new month, I choose a different cup from my collection. These cups affectionately become known by the month they are used.

~This is my Septermber cup ~ It reminds me of the mellow days ahead, the last roses of the season, the warm, rich tone of the change of light.... that is Autumn!

What is a "secret anniversary of the heart" that you keep? Please share!!!!! :)


patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...

Hey BFF, do you have a cup for October? It is the best month after all!LOL Have a great day and come see me, Pat

sassytrash said...

My quiet "everydayness" ritual that I enjoy is to take a break and relax for awhile with good book, a cup of tea and a piece of dark chocolate! And now that we have blogging, it always fun to take a little vacation and visit sites around the world.
At the show Pat was telling us about all your incredible creations...really hope that now I'll have time to get over to the shop!!