Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a shoe thing!

The women in our family have an extreme affection for shoes, so I thought I would share a few posts about them.

This child's shoe was rescued from a dumpster, the mate was nowhere to be found. However, we did find the button hook in an old silk and lace bag, that was sadly falling apart.

This shoe "thing" has been passed down for three generations, from my mother to myself, and from me to my three daughters. We all lovvvvvvvvve shoes!
It's been said,"With the right pair of shoes you can do anything!" Does that include getting ready for Christmas in less than a month? EEEEEEK!

In this busy season, think I'll put my comfy shoes on!

1 comment:

Barbara Jean said...

a month!
You had a whole month?
by the time we started we had 1 week, then i got sick.
we will have Christmas this Sunday.
Jesus won't care that we waited.

Love the shoe and what you have done with it.


barbara jean