Monday, January 4, 2010


The other day, while trying to fill the void tween Christmas n the New Year, I picked up Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, Romancing the Ordinary, A Year of Simple Spledor. Since this is hopelessly romantic talking here, the title immediately applealed to me. I was not dissapointed. In one of her essays, Sarah, speaks of the "Essence of Wonder", and how easily the sense of wonder is replaced by indifference, due to the work-a-day, deadline,and chore filled lives we lead. For us artistic folk exposure to, or infection of this sort of apathy can be disheartening, if not toxic to our sensitive souls.

Ms. Ban Breathnach explains, "wonder is that extravagant state of bliss induced by something new- the strange, astonishing, mysterious, and the unexpected." She encourages us that, "each glorious day should begin and end in the reverence and rapture of wonder."

Then, she challenges us to find five reasons each day to say, "this is wonderful", and to keep track of our wonders by writing them down in some sort of journal......

So, as I sit looking out my window at the cold, bleak, drippy January day, my heart skips a beat while the words bliss, mysterious, astonishing, glorious, rapture, and revernce pass through my mind. "Yes, yes", I exclaim, "This is a good thing!" I will take full joy in the gift of each day and with reverence find the wonder in it. I will prick my ears in hope of hearing whispers of eternity.

Although..... five things might be a bit overwhelming at first, I will at least be on the lookout for one wonderous thing each day

As this day turns to evening, I contemplate the wonder of the comfort of candle light...

What, Dear blog friends, do you find wonderful?
~ Hmmm..... a book full of wonders... sigh ~


Counting Your Blessings said...

Isn't it beautiful when we begin to see the everyday-lovely without even trying? It's rare but when it happens, it's a blessing all on its own.

Blessings... Polly (p.s. you've been selected for a free spot in the Handmade Valentine market. You can take a look here:

Hopemore Studio said...

What a wonderful book you have stumbled across! I also fail to take the time to appreciate all the wonder around me, that said ...I am dashing from place to place with this 20 degree weather. So since I'm indoors and it's cold tonight I'll make a wonderful cup of hot vanilla tea and I will sit peacefully and enjoy it. Thank you for the reminder.


dear jane said...

Gerri what a beautiful post! And so true to get caught up in the business of life to not take time to remember what's really important...It's a great challenge to us, to always look at our life and at the wonder that our Heavenly Father gives us each and every day... thnak you for sharing this and I will look for mine!

Tons of love to you! Kelley

Jackie said...

I love Sarah Ban Breathnach and her view of life. Your blog is beautiful and I'm so glad I found you. I hopped over here from City Hen. Looking forward to more posts from you.


daniel john said...

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