Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If You Like Displays in Antique Shops

Mr. Romantic payed my decorating skills and off handed compliment ( I don't think he meant it as one) this morning. I was asking him how he liked the new bedroom vanity vingnette I had finished yesterday. He actually said," Fine, if you like displays in antique shops."

Yes, the honest truth is all the time I've been spending in my friend Patrica Mallory's shop, Refind, is rubbing off on me.

The mirror, minature dress form, hand mirror, birdie music box, Seda France candles and room spray all were purchased at Refind. This picture really doesn't do justice to the vingette, I need,Hope, the real photographer in the family.

This vintage sillhoette was the inspiration for the altered prize ribbon.
Me and Mr. Romantic. I just love this antique wicker desk, its so nice and chippy. It came from, you guessed it, Refind.

The typewriter came from a yard sale Pat took Hope and I to.
Just love these salt and pepper shakers! um hum Refind!

The felt strawberry came from Nancy Z.'s booth Sassy Trash at Lakewood 400, the butter pats from Patricia's shoppe, and the angel wings were a gift from her too. I got the idea from a display she had at Refind!
Vintage bow and lace rescued from a dumpster. Pat, my daughter Jennifer, and I braved the perils of a century worth of dust and must to get these beauties!

My version of Dream in Cream's jar full of vintage lace!

All the beautiful eye candy makes me sooooo...

Thanks for all the inspiration Pat!!!!!!!!


Charlene said...

I love all the goodies! And of course love the Hubby Comment! They just don't "GET IT" do they? :) Bless their hearts! Your typewriter struck a chord with me. A few posts back i showed my Underwood that I bought at Golightly's. So glad you had a chance to sign up for my Give Away! Good luck... hope you win!

LynneForsythe said...

These picts are yummilicious!!! Esp the "rescued" vintage lace and bow!!! They are beautiful!!! I love how you've dispalyed them...mine are all in a bag!

sassytrash said...

So Lovely!! Really enjoyed your photos!! I'm honored to see one of my creations! (Did I miss you guys at Lakewood this time?) I am still hoping to get to Powder Springs...maybe next week.