Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workshop Preparations

For the May workshop I wanted a special way to package the "altered prize ribbon" I was thinking on the order of a handkerchief box; that way the ribbon wouldn't get crushed and it would have a nice home when it wasn't being displayed. Then again, it would be a special package to present it as a gift. That is if one could bare to give it
As I was discussing my idea with Mr. Romantic, he volunteered to make the boxes then Hope and I could decorate them to our hearts content!

Eight boxes!!!!!! I don't think he knew what he got himself into. They are wonderful!!!!! Just like him!!!

Then we stamped the outside of the boxes with french script. We used Ranger ink. It worked well

One down seven more to go. I think I should have bought stock in Elmer's glue co.!!!!
I think it needs a little glitter. Hmmmnnnn.

This is the pink version!!!!!

That's done now it's time to get busy on what goes inside!!!!

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