Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Try....

at macarons. My guide to entering the world of preparing these french delicasies was, I Heart Macarons by Hisako Ogita. I learned about this how to book from Anne Marie, of the famed Na Da Farm. Anne Marie shared a post about her first batch of macarons. Since I am the queen of do it yourself, I had to get my hands on the book. And i did! :) I finally got around to making the sweet morsels for the special occasion of my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. I had heard they were quite difficult to make so if they didn't turn out well I would have to have a plan B. Hmmmm

The first pan!!!!

The most important factor that determines a successful macaron is the "pied" or foot that forms at the base of the macaron.... I did a little happy dance around the kitchen when all the macarons on the pan had their tiny feet.

Voila! Green colored macorons with a green apple marshmellow filling!

Made forty of these babies to use as favors for my son's wedding rehearsal dinner. I was so relieved that I could actually make these! Even better they were super yummy, if I do say so myself.

After eating quite a few of the miss shaped misfits....

p.s. Why so much green you may ask. The color theme for the wedding was classic white and black with a green apple accents. I just love a theme!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Would you please be kind enough to make my day?

koralee said...

Yahoooo...they are lovely. I adore the colour. I have made these before and was surprised to see how easy peasy they were. Yours look amazing. xoxo

Love your blog and thank you for visiting me the other day. xo